Why the Change to the Instagram Grid doesn't Matter

The Instagram rumour mills are buzzing, and the question everyone is waiting to have answered is...

Is Instagram switching to 4 pictures across instead of the current three?


In between all the will they, won't they, there is a lot of opposition to the move, because many Instagrammers have planned and curated their feeds based on the current 3x3 grid. Even my feed is based on the 3x3 grid. Like everyone else I'm working within the frame work that has been provided.


Was my initial reaction one of horror, yes!

Would this change completely throw off my current feed, absolutely!

Do I want things to stay as they are? Sure, we all feel more comfortable with the known.

But in the long run do I really care, not really.


Maybe I’m being naïve, considering my Instagram planning and curation are most likely considered basic by some people’s standards, and I’m not an influencer, celebrity or big-name brand that has been building a perfectly curated feed for years. But if you are an influencer, celebrity or big-name brand you will most likely be posting more than once a day, so at that rate your current feed will be well below the page fold in an Insta-second!


The biggest change I can see that people will need to wrap their heads around is that you’ll need to start thinking of your bigger picture/story in a landscape view instead of a square view. What do I mean, well when viewing your profile or viewing a profile from a search at the moment you’ll see 3 pictures across and 3 pictures down without scrolling. As below. Also only applicable if your Bio isn’t split over a number of lines.

Current Instagram Grid.jpg

If the new 4 pictures across gird goes ahead you’ll see 4 pictures across but only 3 pictures down without scrolling. Image below for illustrative purposes.

New Instagram Grid.jpg

This is mostly applicable to those users who split one image into 9 tiles, you may want to consider splitting into 12 tiles instead of 16 tiles as the last 4 would end up below the fold.


Other than that, you are still able to post in themes, colours, stories.


No matter what I think, Instagram is going to do what they want to do. How many people protested and threatened to delete their accounts if Instagram changed the chronological ordering of posts? Or the introduction of sponsored ads?

Instagram is a borrowed platform, we must play by their rules.


I’m actually excited to see something new, to see how people use the new format, to be inspired again!